The Peeper and Time of Death

The Peeper - Jim Christopher, Ellis Vidler Time of Death - Ellis Vidler

Two novels by Ellis Vidler which I downloaded free from Amazon Kindle.


Time of Death features the McGuire Women, a family of psychics. Alex, the youngest of them, is being targeted by a killer, either because of something she saw, or because of something she didn’t see except with her mind’s eye, for Alex is an artist and sometimes she finds herself producing automatic drawing (like automatic writing) depicting scenes of pain and death.


The other book, The Peeper, you simply must read. The Peeping Tom turns out to be – no, I’m not going to tell you. Let’s just say that in this book Ellis Vidler turns all our prejudices on their head.


Four and a half stars, then, for The Peeper, and three and a half for Time of Death