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The Emperor's Babe: A Novel - Bernardine Evaristo

The point where the Emperor Septimius Severus, on a visit to "Londinium", first spots our heroine, Zuleika, among the crowd at the theatre.


The emperor was in town
and some politicos were staging a show


to suck up to him. Valeria and Aemilia

adorned me beautifully and I wore


my favourite wig, which I'd bought

off an Arabian girl who was waiting tables


at a take-away caff in Bond Court.

It ran black and thick to her buttocks.


Aemilia cut it off there and then

and took it straight to my wig-maker


in Threadneedle Street. Now it's piled up

in intricate plaits and twists


with ivory combs and jangling hairpins

guaranteed to make ears prick up


upon my arrival anywhere. Felix left

three weeks ago. Dad sent me a theatre ticket -




I wasn't in the mood, my mind wandered

inside itself where it was happiest.


Was this the highlight of my day?

My week? My month? Was this my life?


Then strangely I felt heat on my right cheek,

as if a flaming torch were being held too close.


The emperor was seated on a throne

some distance to my right, surrounded


by the excited hullaballoo of the male hoi poloi,

and I knew without looking


that his desert eyes were roaming over

my voluptuous corpus, my breasts


had become a sensitive second pair of eyes.

I glanced slyly over. I was right.