Dead Gorgeous

Dead Gorgeous: A Mystery for D. I. Costello - Elizabeth Flynn

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley
in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!


I didn't know this book was the second in a series until I'd finished it and at the end came across a blurb for Game, Set and Murder, the first book. So there you are. It stands alone. It needs no prequel and it ends neatly with no cliff-hanger. I like that.


To tell the truth, the title (Dead Gorgeous) grabbed me because I'm very much into vampires at the moment, but the word "Dead" in the title here signifies what it used to signify before the vampire and zombie craze, and it is actually one of a new series of police procedurals featuring D.I. Angela (Angie) Costello. About whom, it has to be said, there is nothing particularly special or memorable. She is married to a retired policeman and has a grown-up step-daughter who returns home to live early in the story ....


What I most enjoyed about the book was the setting, the London fashion scene. It was all new to me but the author is clearly at home there. I came to feel at home in a new world, which for me is the acid test of a novel and a novelist.


The eponymous victim is indeed "dead gorgeous" (though still alive) when the story opens. But though she looks like an angel, her character is far from angelic, and when she is murdered there is, as her flat-mate Sandra remarks, going to be no shortage of suspects.


The plot is original, the setting interesting, the characterisation good, the writing professional and the editing competent. However, the book has not been formatted properly for Kindle, which is always annoying. Readers would never be expected to put up with something like that in a printed book, so why should they have to when they choose to read the ebook?