Camelot's Honour

Camelot's Honor  - Sarah Zettel

Next (second in the series) comes Camelot's Honour, with Arthur and Guenevere and Merlin still in the background, but in the foreground this time Sir Gawain's brother, the young knight Sir Geraint, battling magic with honour and honesty.


Lady Elen, whose father is dead, lives with her mother and brother by Pont Cymryd, a strategic bridge between the kingdoms that Urien, the powerful neighbouring chief, wishes to control. But the bridge is more than that, for once a year, on Midsummer's Night, it gives onto "the other world".


Urien, with the support of Morgaine (Urien being, no doubt, one of her many lovers), attacks Pont Cymryd and only Elen survives. But she has the love of Geraint. He wins her back from Urien in a knightly contest and together they flee across the bridge into …


'Where is this place?' whispered Geraint.

Elen licked her lips and chose her words carefully. 'If I say it is the home of our good neighbours, will you know what I mean?'

Geraint's face went white …


Now their adventures really start. And they are not helped by the fact that Morgaine has removed Elen's heart, and she has become like a dead thing.


'Elen!' Geraint threw himself from his horse to run forward and grasp her shoulders. 'How …'

With a shaking hand, she touched the clean edge of her bloodless wound. Revulsion gathered in the pit of her stomach. What am I become? Am I a corpse? Like the Grey Men? I cannot die because I am already dead?


Another beautifully written story full of the real myth and magic of Celtic Britain.