Some Kindle Frees

The Feral Spy - Joyce L. Weaver

I download quite a few Free Offers from Amazon for my Kindle. Here are a handful I finished recently but haven't had time to write a proper review for. As you can imagine, there are others - about 50% - that I never finish and don't bother to mention on BL or anywhere else. These here are the better ones, one or two of them quite as good as anything you'll find in the local bookshop.


First then, The Feral Spy by Joyce Weaver * * * * *


Very British, this one. A dotty old lady is arrested for shop-lifting. It transpires that she and her companion are living in dire poverty – and I mean starvation and exposure – in the derelict ruin of what was once the stately home belonging to her family. But how did they come to be in this state? And who were they, once, before most of these patronising young people were born? Unforgettable - especially if you're a WWII enthusiast like me!


That cover up there is dreadful though. This is the one on Amazon. (I can never get BL to change the cover in cases like this.)

But this one is perfect: