The Unquiet Heart

The Unquiet Heart - Gordon Ferris

Danny McRae is "an ex-copper trying to make a living as a private detective in a rundown flat in a bombed-out corner of South London". He is also a former Special Operations agent and was for six months an inmate of Dachau. And he grew up in the Gorbals of Glasgow.


The "mean streets" of New York have nothing on the mean streets of London immediately after World War II. The spivs operating the black market have more customers than they can handle. Men like Pauli Gambatti, whose men looted during the air-raids and sold their own stuff back to the people in Petticoat Lane, now have the whole thing organised.


Gambatti, predictably, does not like Danny. But what happens between them is far from predictable. As is what happens when a redhead called Eve Copeland walks into Danny's office. (Apart from the fact that Danny falls in love.) For a start, there is much, much more to Eve than meets the eye.


Then she is kidnapped and Danny has to go to Berlin in search of her.


And Berlin in 1946 is even worse than London ...


One of the unputdownable ones. What more need I say?