Voodoo Plague (Book One) - Dirk Patton

A not-quite apocalyptic tale of not-quite zombies - the zombies are not dead, just suffering the effects of a kind of nerve gas that turns people into disgusting zombies, and the apocalypse hasn't come, it is not the end of the world, merely (if that is the word) an attack on the US by China, looking for space to expand.

The story is set in and around Atlanta, Georgia, and Dirk Patton makes it all seem not just real but so terrifyingly real that you have to keep reading - I was up with my Kindle till four o'clock this morning! But then it all stops - BANG. Now buy the sequel. I hate that. I am all for characters that move on from book to book - look at Sherlock Holmes - but would Conan Doyle have published half "The Hound of the Baskervilles"?

I must just add that I loved and very much identified with the heroine, a fourth-year medical student who funds her life and her studies by. as she puts it, "flashing her tits and ass at men" as an exotic dancer.

Now I'm trying to stop myself buying the sequel. Though I suppose I shouldn't complain about paying for it - I got the first half free!