This doesn't Happen in the Movies

This Doesn't Happen In The Movies - Renee Pawlish

No, it doesn't, not the kind of movies our would-be hero so adores (Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall), but then they take themselves seriously whereas the author of this book is trying to be funny. At least I think he is. 


I download a lot of FREE eBooks from Amazon for my KIndle Reader. Some I give up on quite quickly, they are so boring or so badly edited. Others, like the entrancing "Still Life with Murder" which I gave five stars to on this site yesterday, are way better than most of the paperbacks on offer at my local bookshop and the bookshops on stations or at airports where I far too often pass time browsing. (I can never resist.)


And then there are other FREE downloads I manage to finish, but ...


This is one of them. It is competently edited, at least so far as punctuation and spelling are concerned, but the plot seems unoriginal, and most of the way through the story the protagonist, who must be in his thirties, is simply childish.