American Crow

American Crow - Jack Lacey

Impossible to write a full review of everything I read, even only the good ones, but I want to say that if you are in the mood for relentless action and suspense then this might be just the book.


Blake - he goes by that one name - is a tracer, a finder of missing persons, mostly teenagers. Or rather was - he has stopped, given it up. But then, for reasons I will not divulge, he agrees to take on one last case, the eighteen-year-old daughter of a rich London businessman who has disappeared while studying art in Minneapolis, in the USA.


Blake is a guy everything happens to, a walking proof of Murphy's Law, but you have to love him. I did, and that's very important to me when I read a book like this. I would give it five stars, I wanted to give it five stars, but there are one or two editing problems like, for instance, "the room looked like a study come spare room" (sic). That one really annoyed me.


So four and a half - and I'm looking forward to the sequel, a new story (also very important!) featuring Blake, which will apparently be coming out in the near future.