Spider World: The Tower

The Tower (Spider World, #1-3) - Colin Wilson

I read the Spider World trilogy when I was a student and into all things paranormal and Colin Wilson, and remember loving it. Now though, I struggled to finish The Tower and gave up on the second book, The Delta, after a hundred or so pages.

It is not that they are dated, it is that they suddenly seem so pretentious. The setting is a post-Apocalyptic world dominated by gigantic spiders and insects who keep humans for food and as slaves, while the hero of the story is Niall, who leads a group of humans in a long battle fpr freedom. But the story plays only a small part in the proceedings. Most of The Tower is not fiction as such at all, but either biology or parapsychology, and while Wilson is an acknowledged authority on the paranormal, his grasp of biology seems weak.

Or perhaps it is just that when I am reading a story these days, I want a story pure and simple, whatever the genre. Too much Blade Runner, James Bond etc etc etc? Softening of the brain?


Speaking of James Bond, though - and I admit to always having been a fan of the Ian Fleming books and the Sean Connery films - I recently read James Bond: The Authorised Biography, which I must say I much preferred - now - to the Spider World books. Review of that coming up soon.