A Glastonbury Romance - reading progress update: 110 pages out 1,120

A Glastonbury Romance - John Cowper Powys

Eccentric characters in a world like ours - or at least like ours was in the 1930s in Norfolk - but the mystical universe which forms the background to the local setting ensures that everything that happens is seen to be connected to the life of plants and animals and rocks and the Earth and the stars and the "First Cause" which is both good and evil. I will come back to that in my final review of the book because the problem of good and evil is one that interests me very much.


In Chapter 3, they make the move from Norfolk to Glastonbury via Stonehenge; and the description of the visit to Stonehenge is what has made me decide to go on and finish this remarkable but - it has to be said - very put-downable work.