Between the Lies

Between the Lies (Book One - The Northern Lights Series) - Joy DeKok

Described in the blurb as "nail-biting suspense" it is hardly that. It is a slowish but fairly enjoyable read with a sympathetic female lead named Olivia whose life, from the very first chapter, just keeps getting worse and worse. She is dumped by the uber-rich control-freak sugar-daddy whose mistress she has been for the last ten years (his wife, who is richer even than him, tightens the reins and applies the whip). She should be glad - is really - but what is she going to do now? She works as an art teacher at a  posh school owned by his family. Even the apartment she lives in is owned by him - the whole block is. Then in the lift she finds a dead body ...


Though it is billed as the first of a series, it does not end with the usual annoying cliff-hanger. On the contrary, it has a happy ending (is that a spoiler?) and I will probably buy the sequel, if only because I am curious about where the story can possibly go from there. And because I identify so closely with Olivia.